Here’s what clients have to say about Suzanne…

“Suzanne provided calm, unconditional support.”

After months of embarrassing eczema on my face and no doctor who could help me, I was introduced to Suzanne when I was at my wits’ end. Suzanne provided calm, unconditional support during freak-outs and frustrations, and never wavered. She supported me every step of the long healing process. Suzanne promised me from the beginning of our work that in time, her methods would being me success. It was a long, difficult process, but I can happily say that Suzanne was right. I still have work to do, but I will forever be grateful for Suzanne Polo and I will continue to reach out for her expertise and guidance as I move forward in a healthier way.

Laurie BasloeBrooklyn, NY

“So so shocked at my 2 year old daughter’s progress with MRT/LEAP”

We’ve sought every doctor, specialist, multiple 2nd opinions, etc and every time no guidance and we’ve been stuck. I’m just so shocked. So so shocked at my 2 year old daughter’s progress with MRT/LEAP

VHThousand Oaks, CA

“We are what we eat”

We will be forever grateful to Suzanne Polo, of Edible Wisdom, for the nutritional path to healing for our daughter, Megan C. Keossaian. Traditional medicine doesn’t get this right. We are what we eat ???????????????????

Terri Keossaian

“She fought tirelessly to figure out what was wrong”

I’ve had severe eczema since I was 3 years old. Looking back, I was sicker for a lot longer than I thought. I’ve been given steroids my whole life and antibiotics to suppress my eczema. My parents and I trusted our doctors, so we never questioned their decisions. They never told me what would happen in the long term. I started gaining weight my sophomore year of high school. It was subtle at first, only 20 lbs, then I was up 30. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t lose the weight. Then I went to college and I started to get really sick. I had to move home for a semester and study online because my skin was so bad. I moved back to San Francisco for school in 2010. That’s when it all started to go wrong. My hair started falling out. First small clumps – but then in handfuls. Then my eyebrows fell out, and my eyelashes. Next my period stopped. I started having hot flashes, and my skin stopped healing itself, so I was covered in raw skin on about 90% of my body. I slowly stopped going to classes because I was in so much pain that I couldn’t get out of bed. My body stared reacting to everything I ate as if I were allergic. I was only 21, and I was dying. Life was not good. I finally called my parents and told them how bad things were – so they drove up to help move me out and bring me home. Flash forward to stumbling across a wonderful Nutritionist named Suzanne Polo. She fought tirelessly to figure out what was wrong. She figured out that my body was reacting to almost everything I ate in an inflammatory manner and releasing mass amounts of histamine into my bloodstream. I was in adrenal failure and early menopause from long term use of steroids (for my skin). My organs were shutting down. Through diet and natural supplements – I began taking control of my body. We soon found that I had a rare parasite that had been affecting me for a decade. It was eating all of my vital fats and nutrients – malnourishing me. I killed the parasite over the course of six months through tinctures and herbal supplements. I’m now 24 and 40 lbs lighter. I’m vegan and am proud to say that through eating vegan and holistic medicine, I’ve healed myself. I’m blessed and even though it was a lot of work, tears and struggle—it’s all been worth it.”

Meagan Keossaian

“Suzanne Polo is the practitioner I have searched 30 years for”

“Suzanne Polo is the practitioner I have searched 30 years for, since my diagnosis of type 1 Diabetes. Never have I been guided as thoroughly, with such knowledge, expertise, care, and thoughtfulness. Suzanne knows how to fit the pieces of the puzzle together, where to start, where to finish, and how to achieve optimum health. She is brilliant, her guidance a true gift.”

Zippora Karz, Instructor/Choreographer/AuthorLos Angeles, CA

One client’s story told in pictures:

Before & After three days on MRT/LEAP Protocol

Before & After three days on MRT/LEAP Protocol

Malibu, CA

“She is a great life coach and problem solver”

Suzanne has been a tremendous help for my adult daughter’s health issues. Not only does she make a sustainable plan for health and diet but she is a great life coach and problem solver.

KathyThousand Oaks, CA

“My life has never been better!”

“Working with Suzanne has changed my life! I thought I was following a healthy diet and doing everything “right” on my own, but then I started not feeling right. It spiraled into depression, anxiety, chronic sinus infections, digestive issues and overall, I thought I was losing my mind. I went to several different doctors. No one could tell me what was going on or even give me much of their time to help figure it out. I didn’t know where else to turn and felt completely helpless. I found Suzanne and we worked closely together for months. Her extensive knowledge and spot-on intuition is incomparable. I now am full of energy and joy, the sinus infections and headaches have disappeared, and my digestive issues have resolved. My life has never been better!”

J.S. Thousand Oaks, CA

“Words come up short when it comes to explaining the experience of what it is like to get your health back.”

Suzanne, I am so grateful for having been introduced to you. I quickly felt comfortable in your presence. The knowledge that you have shared, has completely shifted how I view food, and the medicinal effects of eating the correct foods for my body’s physiology. Since starting the protocol three months ago, I have lost over 25
pounds, and have been medically approved to stop taking my blood pressure medicine.

My body is now so in tune, that I notice the smallest of changes in how my body feels energetically. Words come up short when it comes to explaining The experience of what it is like to get your health back.

Such a blessing in so many ways.


“Not only is my body lighter but also my soul”

A personal recommendation … Love is the discovery. Expanded love of self and a new way to live in this gift of life. Suzanne showed me valuable information, shared powerful wisdom and lovingly directed a sacred and personal path for me. In working with Suzanne and a tailored set of guidelines, I came into a wealth of knowledge. I have become empowered on so many levels and gained a profound sense of gratitude. I have gained a new vision of food and its role in my life. I have gained a broader view of my whole environment and its effect on ALL in my life. From this encounter, I not only gleaned love, Knowledge, gratitude and empowerment but also determination, patience, perseverance, enthusiasm, energy, power and joy. Not only is my body lighter but also my soul.

M.M. & D.B.Borrego Springs, CA

“In a word, Suzanne is simply the best”

Suzanne and I have worked together for more than 20 years. Our working relationship began in NYC when I joined her group exercise class at the gym in the building where I resided at the time. Immediately enamored of her enthusiasm and vitality I soon began one on one training with Suzanne. WOW. I had no idea I was capable of accomplishing so much. Our relationship endured and then shifted to nutrition counseling and consultation. Over the years she has helped me through many transitions in my life. Even with Suzanne’s move to the West coast, our work is seamlessly maintained long distance. She gently encouraged me to sign on for the LEAP protocol when we would have a nutrition counseling session. I was resistant. She remained patient.

After a series of medical tests and endless MD/Specialist visits in 2012 to find out why I was experiencing unexplained weight gain, bloating, sluggishness and general malaise for which the medical establishment could find no specific issue, but still wanted to prescribe medication, I finally acquiesced and signed on for the LEAP protocol and began in February, 2013. In a period of 4 months I have dropped 21 lbs without weighing or measuring one item of food and my symptoms have all but disappeared. With Suzanne’s patient guidance, my energy is up, weight is down, emotional balance steady, and my food information base has increased to a level I never realized was possible. Not only do I feel better, people have noticed the changes in me, and not just physically.

Suzanne’s level of knowledge and guidance provide results with a high level of integrity. She has provided me with the tools to make positive health changes that are sustainable. In a word, Suzanne is simply the best.

Barbara B.Brooklyn, N.Y.

“She is incredibly astute, knowledgeable and passionate about her work, not to mention her warmth and genuine care for her clients”

My friends often tell me I have a knack for finding professionals that are not only exceptional at their work but who also have tremendous heart. If I am going to invest my hard earned money and precious time, I want the best.

My struggles are digestive issues, depression, and anxiety. I was on antidepressants and anxiety medication for over six years and I always felt like I had a constant dark cloud over my head. Life felt heavy and my bed was my quickest retreat from reality. Happiness was a far-fetched idea that frankly seemed impossible. Not to mention the one thing that brought me joy, food, made me feel lousy too. The normal for me after EVERY meal was a feeling of gassy, bloated, indigestion or heartburn. I thought I was eating healthy, being a regular at the farmer’s market, shopping at Whole Foods, being selective of my vendors and where my food came from, etc.

When I learned that large amounts of serotonin are produced in the gut, I figured my poor digestion was contributing on some level to my state of mind. After trying every probiotic, enzyme, over the counter pink stuff, prescription medication, the “no sugar, no wheat, no dairy diet” and nothing worked, I started getting desperate. I went to exceptional acupuncturists, holistic doctors, gynecologists, you name it and no one’s advice was solving my problem. I didn’t want to be on medication anymore, I just wanted to feel good.

“A dietician! Of course! My last resort and the one thing I have yet to try.” I quickly went on Google and lucky, LUCKY me, I found her: Suzanne Polo. I had a really good feeling about her from the very beginning. I set up a meeting with Suzanne in October 2012 to learn what she was about. She listened attentively to my concerns and my issues. She suggested I would be a good candidate for the LEAP/MRT program. I instantly loved the idea of testing for food sensitivities. However the holiday season was approaching and I had to be honest with myself that if I jumped into this program with Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, I would set myself up for failure. Suzanne and I both agreed it best to start at the beginning of the New Year. I started my program January 28th and my life will never be the same.

Suzanne has been my encouraging and patient guide through this whole process. She is incredibly astute, knowledgeable and passionate about her work, not to mention her warmth and genuine care for her clients. I will say this YOU have to do the work. I repeat: YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK there is no other way. Dedication and honesty with yourself and Suzanne is needed to get better. It is a team effort and you want Suzanne on your team!

This woman has changed my life! That heavy dark cloud over my head is no longer there and I have so much energy now I can’t stand lying down. I feel motivated and inspired! I have this clarity I haven’t felt in so many years and I have lost 11 pounds so far. Life IS really great and I want to really live it! Good nutrition is everything. Having a professional guide you through nutrition is EVERYTHING. She has dedicated her life to this, SHE KNOWS! Don’t waste another moment and call Suzanne Polo today. Look, I know you don’t know me, but please trust me, that this will be the BEST decision you ever made for yourself. You deserve to feel good too.

Ximena H.Santa Monica, CA

“She’s a grounded, “inner-circle” type that is easy to trust”

When working with Suzanne, I learned very quickly that she’s a grounded, “inner-circle” type that is easy to trust, with a bit of an earthy streak that always appealed to me where food was concerned. She has a deep knowledge and expertise in nutrition and related fields and was a special guide for me on my food journey.

Lily Y.NY & Los Gatos, CA

“Suzanne is awesome, very knowledgeable, and has a lot of patience”

Last May I experienced a perforated bowel. I was hospitalized on two separate occasions for this. Over the next couple of months, I had three diverticulitis attacks. I was referred to a surgeon who wanted to remove part of my large intestine. This news sent me into a spin, going under the anesthesia, not knowing exactly how much of the intestine they would have to remove and not knowing if I would wind up with a colostomy bag (temporary or not). I had to find an alternative and was referred to Suzanne. I met with her and decided to try an alternative approach. Food sensitivities? Learning how to keep the inflammation down? Hmmm, skeptical, I gave it a try. Within the first 24 hours I had more clarity. After about 2 weeks a friend asked me “what’s up with you?” I said why?, she said You’re so calm. I had better coloring in my skin, I’m not so puffy and have so much more energy. But the best part is I have not had a diverticulitis attack and no very loose bowel movements, which I often experienced. Here is some more good news. I had my first colonoscopy in February and the results said MILD DIVERTICULOSIS… YIPEE….
So, if you are thinking of going the Leap Approach I would recommend it to everyone. Suzanne is awesome, very knowledgeable, and has a lot of patience. Lord knows she has had to with me.

BebeSan Juan Capistrano, CA

“I unconditionally recommend Suzanne”

I have turned to Suzanne for dietary/nutrition help for various conditions for years. She is always very thorough and careful. Her recommendations almost always produce results. For example, her recommended supplements have increased my ferritin serum and my bone density. Years ago she helped me with a low sodium diet and helped me train for the Komen 3-Day Walk. I unconditionally recommend Suzanne.
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Elayne H.Pennsylvania

Suzanne has an in-depth knowledge of nutrition and how it impacts our bodies and lives. I have been impressed with her comprehensive and holistic approach to helping her clients solve their health issues and change their lives.